Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Excerpt (Garden as Collective Offensive)

In less than a generation we have used half the world’s oil supply and are rapidly depleting other fossil fuels. Cheap food and cheap energy are becoming things of the past. The machinations of growth-obsessed industrial civilisation result in the continual transfer of carbon from the ground, where it is good, to the atmosphere, in ever-increasing quantities that make it toxic. Despite all the evidence demonstrating this, the governing corporations remain committed to the growth model - acting as though the environment has an infinite capacity to absorb the relentless production of toxicological wastes.


JB said...

Perhaps this compositing site is not the place for discussion, but your merciless prose troubles me! (I should be ok, there's some sugar near by)
I'd like to know your thoughts about our human growth model - it's pretty effective/affective, such that we will ruin the world to keep having kids!
We want to live longer, be healthier... but also have children (sometimes lots). And as affluent Australians there is no way we would have it otherwise. We are that selfish.
Thus the growth is ever continous (and evermore unsustainable/a huge opportunity cost).
What do you reckon?
(i will not accept death as an answer!)

I found rump-steak-quality brain food here:

If you can, get hold of the massive report - its at least 100pgs and more detailed, though probably not the best form of compost

The Garden of Self Defence said...

thanks for that jb, not sure i can help you, perhaps derrick jensen's 900 page, double volume 'endgame' (seven stories press) might accompany some of your thoughts. otherwise, if a model is what youre after then you can't go past traditional communities – pre-capitalist, pre-resource theft.

additionally: www.vhemt.org

JB said...

Thank you, I really appreciate your time.

I should have been more succinct earlier, as I was intending to say that maybe capitalism (based on eternal growth) is a basic function of us as humans... capitalism is only replicating nature as we observe it.
And what I meant to ask was, as long as the population grows, can returning to traditional communities really sustainably help us?

Maybe I'm disenchanted a little because A) There are 6billion+ people to convince that capitalism is bad, and there are some good arguments for capitalism!
B) I'm very poorly researched on this issue (though I trust you know more than me!)

In this light, you have been a help, so thank you.
www.vhemt.org has some challenging and interesting ideas. Hasn’t stopped me wanting to be a dad!
Hopefully Jensen’s work can further my understanding.
Cheers, JB.