Monday, November 17, 2008


Jason and I had a day making new work in Melbourne last Friday. On Saturday we put together this collage.


Anonymous said...

It's beautiful guys. The way it was shot, the way it was chopped, uncle Spook's sonic liquid and the physicality of the intervention(s). To me you guys appear now to be relating more as 'random components' in and with an apprehended space rather than 'performing in public'. It's more the sex of 'fit' ... if you know what I mean. Love the cyclone-wire-as-velcro-fence-to-throw-ones-self-at. Gorgeous shit... and just as sticky. Love. Glen

The Garden of Self Defence said...

Our previous work was based on self liberty; both of us leaving heavy relationships and wanting the world to know it. Now a little more settled and both very much in love, the work is less proclamatory, more back street, poetic and just as pleasurable. pj

kate said...

exquisite! there's such confidence in the practice now. love the easy synch of yr limbs & also the title: tag as graffiti, game, animal tail, quotation, digital data string... fantastic stuff.

hamish morgan said...

Firstly, i love it. Especially in the sense of beautiful hopelessness; sort of like you are going no where (climbing up the wall, just hanging on, momentarily balancing), and through this connection/disconnection or play/abstraction with/from the city you reveal its true nature and intent. But
I am going to offer a provocation: what about being for the country rather than against the city? What would physical graffiti look like in the country; would it make sense? Obviously, you guys are being (wonderfully) creative, but is it a creativity in critique? You know, it is against the city - and that is where the creative drive is expressed - but what about your base of compost: can that sustain creative play in-itself and for it-self? If the city is a place of unburnt fat, excess, waste, toxicity, anxiety, disconnection, abstraction from natural laws and cycles (why go there?) and if compost is exchange, regeneration, renewal, connection, poethical practice, (why not stay there), why not go with that alone, positive in itself? You know what i mean?

Anonymous said...

Hey PJ, Yeah. Less proclamatory is what I'm getting too. Further to my 'sex of fit' observation, I think a more accurate way of putting this is, the work appears architectonic. The body, its fit and its attitude in these spaces appears physically and poetically, well, architecturally parasitic! Which is a hoot! Of course there is a history of parasitic architecture but locating the body architecturally affords a response to such an environment beyond that of simply 'operating the apparatus'. You guys realize this beautifully. Love. Glen

Adrian Elton said...

Hi there,

I just wanted to weigh into the debate by saying that I loved the awkwardness of the way you guys have navigated the different surfaces you have climbed onto. And because it hasn't been created as farce it kind of imbues it with an earnestness that is missing from the antics of the parkour guys who certainly do amazing stuff but with moves that are ultimately so super athletic that it seems very detached from the way everyday folk negotiate the space
around them.


Adrian :)

P.S. Climb every molehill!

The Garden of Self Defence said...

Thanks commenteers, such tasty compositing! Today's post is in response to Hamish's comments/questions above. pj

Anonymous said...

Wow Wow Wow,Lithely done.
I'm compressed that was fun.
But you boys be carefull you dont hurt yourselves;You hear.Bravo! oldish-dude.

Meg said...

Saw this and thought of you.