Thursday, April 16, 2009

I think therefore I comment, I comment therefore I think

I regularly get stupid comments on my blog. I thought for a while I'd filter them, but went back to my original state of no border guard. The most stupid comments generally come from Anonymous, which I've discovered is a collective noun synonymous with gutless.

This morning I did some chance blog surfing and discovered this little line from a blog called Putting God First:
Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.
I thought about this for all of two minutes and left a comment (which of course can be tracked back to this site):
Delight yourself in the soil and it will give you unrelenting honesty about your Christian-capitalist carbon footprint.
But why is a C-c carbon footprint necessarily larger than my own? I'd like to get it measured to be sure, so I'm taking an educated guess that those who invest in desire, hope, fantasy and heaven aren't really thinking about microbial life, and therefore about carbon fixing. If only cops would breathalise us for greenhouse gas and humus depletion and leave drink driving to real chance encounters. 

Regardless of where we each stand on the god front (or booze for that matter), sincerity comes from direct engagement, not cowardly, anonymous and indirect commenteering. Here's a comment, albeit analogue, that I posted several years ago in Melbourne on a real-live Christian site - a public footpath.
Click for bigger.

It says (in a slow text):
Christ is the only Christian, become your own Ian.
I have a friend called Ian whom I love to call Ianian, and he is the greatest Ianian of them all.


Anonymous said...

look like you yourself are just as uncomfortable standing next to that dude as he is to you. I don't blame him! I have no problem with my anonymity, just as you do hiding behind your blog like a horn beeping motorist. And, for your information, I have no interest in the lord or in direct engagement with you. Why would I waste my time when I can dash off a 2 second comment here! And why is the footpath any more 'arty' place to comment than on your so called 'arty' blog?

Anonymous said...

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