Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Father and son free-dragging

At the local Neighbourhood House there are many great courses you can enroll in, including courses on self-sufficiency, crochet, blogging (taken by my great girlfriend) and Laugh Club. So last night after walking home with cuts and bruises from free-dragging with Zeph I devised a possible course I could run at Neighbourhood House. The ad in the brochure would go something like this:
Laugh Club not working for you? Then wreck yourself in a crash course in Free-dragging. The course tutor is one of the co-originators of this mutant form of Parkour (sometimes carried out in drag). Learn the poetry of hopelessness and the art of physical graffiti from a master free-dragger. Come with your own liability insurance and self-liberty assurance. Guaranteed to make you sore.

Film still from forthcoming video.


Midwives For President; said...

I would move back to Daylesford for that class p, you simply must do it!!! Lynx says Z climes trees like an ace and wants to come try your flying fox soon.

The Garden of Self Defence said...

one 3 hour workshop on the weekend would probably constitute a "crash course". i'll pencil you in.

flying fox always here and ready for Lynx.

Meg said...

Free-dragging on bikes??