Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Ecological brewer and brewhouse based on steady-state economics.

A fine brewer of natural beer is required to set-up and brew beer in the Daylesford-Hepburn region of Victoria, Australia. The region is home to a transitional-relocalisation culture. The prospective brewer must be a lover of punk-country music, farting around with chooks and of course natural brewing techniques. Only recycled bottles can be used and those who return bottles will recieve credit towards beer and veg.

Applications can be made (in the comments box) below.


Anonymous said...

i'm reading a subtext of liking beer. i bought some at one of those 'emporiums' today. there's the ethical self-loathing to contend with, but then, also the gymnast's cushion of beery drunkenness.

The Garden of Self Defence said...

what do you think of the label Brouhaha?

astrid said...

PJ, you know there's only one brewer for you. Me. Let's do it.

The Garden of Self Defence said...

oh, that wld be perfect a! when can you start? meg and i will prepare the quarters. perhaps 'Brew-dada'?

we've just discovered a new cidery near to here (5mins) perhaps we'll all just take up res there for the winter.

astrid said...

hey nice! well, let me work on a victorian visit, i'll get back to you. putting on an organic dark choc stout this weekend -- will perfect the recipe by the time i come!