Saturday, December 20, 2008

Lousy at small talk

I'm now ready for the social season.

I mentioned yesterday that I'd have a t-shirt to give away. But I didn't have a spare one to print on. Instead, here's an old one of mine that fits a small person. Both are printed on American Apparel tops we found at the local op-shop. The first commenteer will have it posted to them on Monday.

Worship nothing not even Nietzsche! Now there's some small talk for the Christmas period.


kate said...

there will be no 'eternity of becoming' in this house over the new year...
happy summer to you both
((& can i really be the first??

Ruark said...

your beautiful man
I want one too
I'll swap you a hand printed paintin

The Garden of Self Defence said...

hey kate! congrats! i'll post monday. can you send a pic with you in it?

ruark, how bout i wear it thru the social season, build up a patina of party and lightness and then post it to you unwashed as a swap for something of yours? i have just come back from our local twilight farmer's market after parading it for the first time. quite a little conversation starter.

The Garden of Self Defence said...

er, sorry to confuse ruarki, i mean the 'lousy at small talk' one.