Saturday, May 2, 2009

On death, sex and compost

One of the fantasies my girlfriend and I share in bed is our compost fantasy. It's one where we become part of a whole underground domain; our bed wriggling with a world of re-embodying substances, de-centered egos, legs and limbs akimbo, rolling and turning in a field of damp, warm loving life.

What is so inextricably sexy about taking a heap of gleaned organic biomass, fetid kitchen scraps, sweet smelling forest mulch, and chicken, horse and cow shit, and turning it into dark chocolate compost, rich in microbial life? Well for me, apart from the material goodness it provides for the garden, it also means I don't have to visit supermarkets and other centres of abuse, denial, silencing and avoidance.

It's International Compost Awareness Week this week. So, here at The Garden there'll be a number of compost related posts. But first, a picture of one of mine cooking beneath one of my "prohibition" signs (related to yesterday's post).


ms. delisha said...

I would not have placed sexy and compost anywhere near one another.

until now.
Thank you for the inspiration.


The Garden of Self Defence said...

The Cuban permaculturalist, Roberto Perez, spoke at our town hall last year, encouraging the spark and sexiness of self-sufficiency in the face of doom and gloom negativism. I liked him 'heaps' (to use compost terminology).