Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Open wound, closed-mind

This time last week I had just opened up my knee up with my trusty old Husqvarna 394. In the meantime, as you might of gathered, I've been reading Derrick Jensen's brilliant critique of René Descartes' "I think, I am". Are we to assume by this maxim that Descartes, a hero of modern science and philosophy, didn't experience bodily pain?

"René, my friend, don't you feel anything?" asks Jensen.

This is what my wound looks like today.
I used to believe that Descartes' most famous statement was arbitrary. Why hadn't he said, "I love, therefore I am," or "I breathe, therefore I have lungs," or "I defecate, therefore I must have eaten," or "I feel the weight of the quill on my fingers therefore I rejoice in the fact that I am alive, therefore I must be"... I no longer see Descartes' statement as arbitrary. It is representative of our culture's narcissism. This narcissism leads to a disturbing disrespect for direct experience and a negation of the body. Estranged from all of life, Descartes thought that everything was a dream, and he the dreamer.
Does Descartes' ever-expanding dream explain why companies like Monsanto dump millions of tonnes of poisons into the world's environments and strut about as though they have delivered the world a gift? Does it explain why animals are often the subjects of our abuse, or why all the ecosystems our culture comes into contact with are unwell? Does it explain why Aboriginal peoples are still largely treated with contempt or simply silenced and ignored? When we dream, Jensen is suggesting, the bombing of innocent civilians, the rape of women, the beatings of children, the genocide of indigenous people, the stealing of another's resource, the polluting of the atmosphere are all made very possible. 


Anonymous said...

Industrial Society Destroys Mind and Environment.

Industrial Society is destroying necessary things [Animals, Trees, Air, Water and Land] for making unnecessary things [consumer goods].

"Growth Rate" - "Economy Rate" - "GDP"

These are figures of "Ecocide".
These are figures of "crimes against Nature".
These are figures of "destruction of Ecosystems".
These are figures of "Insanity, Abnormality and Criminality".

The link between Mind and Social / Environmental-Issues.

The fast-paced, consumerist lifestyle of Industrial Society is causing exponential rise in psychological problems besides destroying the environment. All issues are interlinked. Our Minds cannot be peaceful when attention-spans are down to nanoseconds, microseconds and milliseconds. Our Minds cannot be peaceful if we destroy Nature [Animals, Trees, Air, Water and Land].

Destroy the system that has killed all ecosystems.

Destroy the society that plunders, exploits and kills earth 365 days of the year and then celebrates Earth Day.

Chief Seattle of the Indian Tribe had warned the destroyers of ecosystems way back in 1854 :

Only after the last tree has been cut down,
Only after the last river has been poisoned,
Only after the last fish has been caught,
Only then will you realize that you cannot eat money.

To read the complete article please follow any of these links.

Industrial Society Destroys Mind and Environment

Industrial Society Destroys Mind and Environment

Industrial Society Destroys Mind and Environment

Industrial Society Destroys Mind and Environment

Delhi, India

The Garden of Self Defence said...

yes, cities rely on imported resources. the killing schedule proceeds thereafter.

as political and corporate power resides in cities and the dominant culture has billions and billions of dollars of weaponry, soldiers and warheads to protect its preferred modes, the only possible form of resistance is to refuse to live off transported resources. Catching our own water, growing our own food, and sharing local resources with neighbours and community.

these actions constitute my form of defence from pop-fascism. I attack with heirloom carrots, throw grenades of fresh parsley and smart bombs of chicken eggs; chickens who happily wander the garden and converse with us daily. We are friends, they give us permission to poach their missiles. In return we look out for them, feed them, nurture them. We plant indigenous plants and bring forest fungi into the garden, we mitigate pests by creating biodiversity. Companion planting and experimental permaculture are key strategies to limit the dominant culture's wrath without, thus far, courting their cluster bombs on our families and friends.

we are a growing army of chemical-free gardeners. it might not seem powerful enough to political militants that we grow our own food and catch our own water and energy from the sun, but that's because they still believe the dominant culture can be changed. this, of course, is nonsense.

dispersed power comes about through direct experience with one's ecological limits. indigenous cultures understand this. and, with dispersed power comes less war, every community responsible for their own ecologies. Aboriginal tribes may have warred, but they were short lasting, settling disputes over marriage or resources. they didn't import armies, they didn't send crusades, they're tribal lands constituted their food and water bowls, they only bred up to the capacity of the land-base. this is true intelligence which is silenced by the dominant culture.

these are some of the things i have come to understand and am putting into action. thanks for your extensive comment.

you have some exciting community farming practices sweeping your county. biodynamic farming (with your sacred cows at the centre) is a magnificent nuclear warhead dropped on Monsanto's reign of terror. Let's hope more farmers in India don't suicide and more find farming practices that are peaceful, community enriching, while also a strong resistance to the savage status quo of industrial civilisation.

Anonymous said...

I've always preferred "Cogito, ergo, doleo" - I think , therefore am depressed.
Lobby groups and those who do their bidding are the main problem. Everyone involved seem to have an agenda. It takes years of testing before a new drug gains approval for use yet there is no similar testing on anything else. look at how a lot of the world's governments jumped on the Corn sourced ethanol bandwagon as if it was the holy grail of energy yet any real environmentalist knows it is a poor choice. The Prius would be considered a joke were it not so successful. CFL lamps are horrible yet the L.E.D. technology is available. There simply isn't enough intelligent people with humanity rather than profits in mind guiding and educating the decision makers.
Nice writing.

The Garden of Self Defence said...

i agree, especially about the lobbyists.