Sunday, May 24, 2009


Our house bakes in Summer in the afternoons when the sun radiates through the West side slit windows. It heats up the house dramatically and we wont, of course, get an air conditioner. So we've been saving our pennies to build a carport that will block out the sun and house the car underneath. Other benefits include no defrosting of the car's windscreen in the colder months, and our books inside, which spine to the west, wont need to be covered up from direct sunlight again.

Ideally we'd like to get rid of our car, but living in the country with poor public transport it's not yet possible. Last year we sold our second car and haven't looked back. This one will prove more difficult, but once we work out how then my carpentry business will become my bikepentry business, and this carport will make a lovely greenhouse (with red trims).

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