Sunday, June 14, 2009

Waterless composting toilet

Since we started planning our permaculture garden two years ago we have given most of our energy to water conservation, renewable energy, heirloom food gardening, worm generation, composting, indigenous planting, companion planting and buying less and less items packaged in plastic. But we haven't yet got to black and grey water recycling and composting. So, after talking with a friend yesterday, who has just returned from a NZ permaculture farm where he saw a basic, home-made one in successful operation, I decided it's time to build a composting worm toilet in the guest shed. Any tips or good advice most welcome.
Design from here.


astrid said...

No tips per se tho I've used these amazing dunnies a lot up north -- most of my mum's friends and family who have built in the last ten years have a composting toilet and they are hands-down fucking amazing. The best thing is the odd, cool, tickling breeze on the underside of the arse during a tranquil morning shit. It's a sensual experience that sure beats fucking around with litres of lush drinking water.

The Garden of Self-Defence said...

great a, thanks for the encouragement. i esp look forward to frosty morning tickling breezes on the underside of the arse. onwards and downwards and wormwards ho!