Sunday, March 22, 2009

Free-birthing (friend of Free-dragging)

Click for bigger. Photo: John Mayger

I read in The Age today about Free-birthing before attending a local gathering to protest draconian new laws attacking the right to home-birth. Free-birthing is unassisted birth – Wow! So hardcore, so great! Zeph was proudly home-birthed and while brewing in his mother's womb was regularly monitored by both his mid-wife and GP, his parents keeping options open all the way to the pop out. Z's face is hidden (in the picture above) by his placard which simply states: I WAS BORN AT HOME.

Risk advisors are a pox on humanity, their work manifests in the form of taking life out of living, which is part and parcel of this continuing age of anxiety. Anxiety is the reason JW and I developed Free-dragging, where self-liberty and resistance to orthodoxy are central to the practice. Today's protest was about exactly these things: self-determination, free-will and resistance to the dominant hegemony.

NB There were 15 dads there today, but most of us hidden at the back (plus one behind the camera).

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Midwives For President; said...

Oh i am so so so very Glad for this. me and Lynx should be in this photo, instead consumed by the city and Midwifery study i fall prey to anxious making come take me to play in the City some time again. and bring Z lynx would love to rumple w him.