Thursday, February 26, 2009

Excess is killing us

I'm not sure if it is helpful to be thinking of re-distributing wealth. The idea is very capitalist in its thinking: 'that as long as there is ever-expanding growth we can curb poverty...', etc. Perhaps instead we should be thinking of redistributing poverty. Doing without stuff. Making the world safe for mass poverty (John Cage), time-rich, thing-poor, that sort of poverty.

And now, for something relatively...

A few meaning-beatings

Xbox – the naturalisation of avoidance in young males.
capitalism – the naturalisation of destruction and slavery (David Graeber).
hatred – the externalisation of internal loathing.
mass hatred – the collective externalisation of internal loathing developed by a mutual ideology.
hunger – the experience of internal longing.

more M-Bs later...


Midwives For President; said...

Meaning Beatings?
in my garden today i was thinking about sub atomic matter(a little bit) and about genetic dispersal(as dicussed) and about why i made children.
The thing is i can pretend i am "increadiably furtile" or a frivolous thrill seeker, or just plain someone quite impulsive who does stuff without thinking it through.
But in the end i blamed nature, reverting to the predictability of the biological impulse.
....that led to the philosophical and artistic cunundrums that are my daughters. i thought what the hell was i thinking i have no idea about how to alchemise love into art and make the project of procreation worthwhile. i am pretty certain now that i didn't make them to teach them how to be 'good'. is it a voyeuristic experience to make kids but to not teach them "good" and socialise them properly? because i am into intelligent politics but.........i have no idea wether it is biology governing me or a philosophical structure....
i am constantly reminded by wathching and analysing those around me that good intentions fall emensely short of politically and culturally graceful living...
But i am from one angle poverty stricken/and another artfully rich.

Emily said...

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