Thursday, October 30, 2008

Social Warming

Until today we have managed to live on our 1/4 acre without one single fence, with the exception of temporary guards around our vegetables to keep the chooks from helping themselves.

However our neighbour to the North has insisted we build one because he doesn't like looking at our water tank and 'unsightly' produce area. We agreed as long as we could design and build it and not have to pay for it, so this is the beginnings of our social warming fence.

The Cuban says, "grow your own food, catch your water, say hello to your neighbour" – a reachable suburban anarchy.


WriterBee said...

'Before I built a wall I'd ask to know
What I was walling in or walling out'
Robert Frost.

The Garden of Self Defence said...

And before I built a well I'd ask to know
What I was pailing in or pailing out.

womboonee said...

An unfenced (self)defence - how revolutionary.
All power to neighbourly relations.
I'm enjoying seeing/reading you work your Garden Patrick, as I do mine not all that far away. Thanks. Cheers, Cath

The Garden of Self Defence said...

thanks cath, our households should do a home-produce BBQ over the summer. also mr workman is back from NY for a quick trip and we're having a party for him and his new lady on the 29th november, so perhaps you can make it to the garden of mutual self-defence on this eve, it wld be good to see you? p

womboonee said...

yep, lovely idea P. I've got the 29th in me dairy, and am planning to make it down over the range to your place to celebrate. Have just started harvesting some lovely broad beings and snow peas and am thinking they'd go deliciously on BBQ plate with a little garlic and oil - although are also v enjoyable au naturel raw. see you soon. c.

The Garden of Self Defence said...

Great Broad Being!

The Garden of Self-Defence said...

after we built the fence our relations with our neighbours improved 10-fold. in fact when they sold up a few months ago we exchanged gifts and smiles. we miss them. now we have a new nieghbour and she is also lovely. she lost her house on black saturday and is rebuilding her life in this town.