Sunday, July 19, 2009

The end of its digital life

This blog has come to the end of its digital life. It is in decomposition mode, readying itself for a regeneration, somewhere else. 

The themes of this blog have centred around cyclical time, chance, non-hierarchy, composting, self-sufficiency, radical other, permapoesis, excrement, regeneration, future scenarios, heirloom vegetables, distributed gender, distributed populations, cities as stasis, pop-fascism, agents for waste, loving humans, lovers of wild nature, disembodied centrists, the artist as family, and of course permaculture, energy descent and climate change.

Thanks for reading. Please click "next blog" above to find out what the picture means below. 


Glen Dunn said...

And a fecund patch of digital earth it has been. Thanks for the nurturing. Love

Kim said...

The next blog was
A very poor trade indeed.

I enjoyed reading about your journey towards sustainability. All the best.

Patrick Jones said...

thanks for participating glen and kim.