Sunday, January 25, 2009

Language warning

I've launched a new room to my creative caravan – Peej – which has revamped an old MySpace page I once used for spoken word, and turned it into a dumping ground for my musical amusements. 

My first track, Red Ecology, was written for Meg on her birthday - part of our developing gift ecology where no gift is produced that creates waste or uses new material. I made it into a film clip that I posted last week. The second, stein, is for Stein09, a year long celebration of Gertrude which is being organised by a number of poet friends around Australia. I'll blog about it in detail throughout the year. The third, 'ornylil'sexpot, is an attempt to marry ideas about cyclic and lineal time with a smutty dance jingo. Astrid Lorange and WB Yeats' provide the ideas, my life as a waiter when I first met Meg, the smut. The fourth, shutdafugup, is a return to my punk days. This track is for Nick Keys who left a smashing comment on my Fugs post, which inspired this piece of musical violence (against 'copy-righteousness' - NK). 

Most of the lyrics have come from posts and comments that have appeared on this blog. Be warned! Your comments might be next in line to be Peej'd.

NB I have made these tracks freely downloadable in the settings, however the antiquated beast that is MySpace doesn't seem to give you the option when you're on the homepage. If you want a copy of a particular track I can email you a MP3 - they're about 3MB each.


Fug said...

I wouldn't call them amusements, I think this is genius! I'm seriously thinking of calling my agent to try and get you a job as a coffee boy in my studio. Do you have a drivers license too?...because you could go and pick us up pizza when we need it. Are you in? Let me know asap. Fug

The Garden of Self Defence said...

your studio obviously needs a good permablitz. if that's the case then i'm your man.

Fug said...


The Garden of Self Defence said...

with permanent anchovies

astrid said...

yes, yes, yes!